Chix Dig It - Celebrating Women in Construction is a premier luncheon event for women in architecture, engineering and construction.  The annual luncheon brings together those industries for an afternoon of networking, connection and celebrating the best and brightest women in the industry.  


Women are needed in the construction industry.  Chix Dig It recognizes the need and is here to assist women in learning more about the industry, highlight women making stellar contributions to companies, communities, states and the nation.  Most importantly, Chix Dig It gives back to communities through the Serving 4 Success Scholarship Award. The scholarship is awarded to a woman who is pursuing a career in the AEC.

The Rainmaker

Patricia Lucas Smith is a leader in the construction industry. She began her career employed by Fortune 500 Companies. After years of employment with the private sector, she yearned to start her own business.  Growing up on tobacco farms her father and grandfather owned, she saw first hand the accomplishments of entrepreneurship.  Working hard and perseverance are the anecdotes that make for a successful business. 


For more than twenty five years, Patricia owned facilities and construction companies.  She managed small projects to multi million dollar accounts.  Now, she uses her talents to assist diverse and women owned businesses in marketing, networking and business development.

Our Mission

Chix Dig It is driven to champion women pursing AEC careers through scholarships, mentorships and creating a lasting community of women helping women. Our goal is to amplify the success of women in the areas of architecture, engineering and construction.


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